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VR Cadet Pinball Table

16 ratings

VRCHAT Pinball Table!

- Full Functioning and playable Unity Prefab of the VRCadet Pinball Table

- Created to be used in VRChat as World Asset

- All files for the experience including source files, a blender file and substance painter file

- Do not scale it ! For that it breaks


You can test it in VRChat here:

Installation Version 1.5

With version 1.5 and VRC CreatorCompanion the installation is quite simple !

Make sure that your World SDK is updated and your UdonSharp Package is installed.

Then you can simply drag and drop the prefab in the prefabs folder in your Scene and it works !

Version 1.5 Requirements:

VRCChat Creator Companion migrated project with Udon Sharp

Older versions requirements (no VRC CreatorCompanion )

Unity Editor 2019.4.31f1

VRChat SDK3 - Worlds Unity package

UdonSharp Unity package (Tested with v0.20.3)

Some Unity skills to follow the Installation Guide in the Users Manual

Join the community Discord server for news and :


- What is VRCadet?

VRCadet is a fully playable Unity asset which is designed to be used as World Asset for VRChat. Place this Pinball table into your VR World and impress your friends!

- Where can I test the product before buying?


- Does it work for VR and Desktop?


- Can I create my own design with it?

Yes, if you are experienced with modelling and texturing software, this purchase offers you the tools to make your own pinball table.

Questions to that regard can be asked on the community discord.

- Should I have prior Unity knowledge to use this product?


- Can I get a refund?

You can request a refund in Gumroad, if the product, does not live up to your expectations, I highly recommend testing the VRCadet yourself.



Be advised, with your purchase I am not forced to give support in instances of misuse of the product.

Moded clients affect the behaviour of VRCadet in unexpected ways.



World consistency Update

As soon as the world consistency update drops in VRChat, I will implement an update to VRCadet, which will be free to all purchasers.



With the purchase of VRCadet you are allowed to use all files in non-commercial use.

Not allowed is:

1. Claiming the work as your own.

2. Re-selling or sharing the model and code.

3. Using the product in a commercial context


v1.1 : Added namespaces to the code to prevent script names colliding

v1.2 : Fixed migration issues with VRChat CreatorCompanion

v1.4 : No manual setup of collision matrix in Unity project is required anymore

v1.5: Fixed a bug that would add two players instead of one

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VR Cadet Pinball Table

16 ratings
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